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co op

The idea behind this single batch rosé is that it’s made from grapes grown in a small select area and not from the more usual vast areas of south Australia where McGuigan make their wines. So in theory it should have some unique flavours. Well not as far as my taste buds can tell. This is a perfectly nice, standard flavour rosé, being both light and fruity with notes of apple and lemon and some creamy strawberry.

mcguigansinglebatchrose 01

Type: Rosé wine
Grape variety: Grenache/Garnacha
Vintage: 2021
Country: Australia
Region: South Australia
Supplier: Co-op, Locally Best
Price when reviewed: 8
What the label says: Aromas of wildflowers...flavours of cherries and strawberries
Alcohol %: 12
Format: Bottle with screwcap

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