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Yes it almost costs fifteen quid but if you want to try something different then it’s worth it. Plus you could be paying almost ten pounds more for this wine if you buy it from the importer Maltby and Greek. So how are Aldi managing to sell this barrel fermented Greek Chardonnay that comes in a hugely heavy bottle with the deepest punt I have ever seen for just £14.99? Not sure but it can’t last long so get it while you can. Interesting aromas of Cheshire cheese, fresh apple and orange then meld into flavours of oaky creaminess with sharp lemon and apple.

aldigreekchardonnay 01

Type: White wine
Grape variety: Chardonnay
Vintage: 2018
Country: Greece
Supplier: Aldi, Maltby and Greek
Price when reviewed: 14.99
Alcohol %: 13.5
Format: Bottle with natural cork

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