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A lovely low alcohol sweet rosé with mandarin orange flavours. The 7% alcohol is a result of a deliberate stopped fermentation, meaning not all the yeast turned the sugar in the grape juice into alcohol. This leaves a sweetness in the resulting wine which isn't overwhelming as it's balanced with lemon drop flavours (those sweets covered in sugar crystals) and a lovely floral perfume that is reminiscent of lavender. And it comes in an eye-catching pretty embossed glass bottle too. Drink cool as an aperitif or with squares of your favourite chocolate. So good it made Wine of the Week.

img 1961

Type: Rosé wine
Grape variety: Muscat
Vintage: 2020
Country: Other
Region: Codru
Supplier: Aldi
Price when reviewed: 4.99
Alcohol %: 7
Format: Bottle with natural cork

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