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This organic and vegan Spanish red is made with the Bobal grape - Bobal literally translating as 'bulls head' as the ripe bunch of grapes forms the shape of elongated head shape with horns sticking out from the side. This is one of those grape varieties that is widely planted but not normally seen on the label as it usualy forms part of a blend - it's high levels of tannin and acidity mean its taste can be mouth-drying and mouth watering at the same time. So expect light fruity flavours of cherry then liquorice, followed by creamy coffee and earthiness. It also has high levels of the resverterol, the 'good' chemical found in red wines high in tannin, that helps protect your arteries and heart.

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Type: Red wine
Grape variety: Other
Vintage: 2018
Country: Spain
Special characteristics: Organic, Vegan
Region: Manchuela
Supplier: Co-op
Price when reviewed: 10
What the label says: round, ripe yet vibrant
Alcohol %: 14
Format: Bottle with natural cork

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