Barefoot Wine Seltzer Strawberry and Guava Flavoured review - WineUncorked: Wine Reviews and Tips

This new breed of 'hard selzter' is an import from the United States is basically a rework of the wine spritzer - that is a long drink of wine with sparkling water but with added fruity flavourings and sometimes a touch of bicarbonate of soda (known as baking soda in your kitchen cupboard) to add the 'hardness'. The result is a slightly fizzy sweet drink with an odd back flavour of indigestion tablets. This version tastes of very dilute sweet strawberry with the wine bit unnoticeable. Not nice.

Type: Sparkling wine
Grape variety: Other
Supplier: Tesco
Price when reviewed: 1.80
What the label says: sparkling water with wine and natural fruit flavourings
Alcohol %: 4
Format: Can
Notes: 250ml can

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