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This wine-based beverage is alcohol free (that means there is less than 0.05% alcohol in it) and is a blend of de-alcoholised Chardonnay mixed with grape juice concentrate, preservatives and the thickener E414 - better known as gum arabic. Now if after reading the ingredients list you still want to taste it then what can you expect? Well it looks like Chardonnay wine with its characteristic yellow colour but then the similarity stops. The aroma is of cardboard followed by lemon and oak pencil and the taste is at best described as foul - it is a mix of sherbet lemon dab mixed with cardboard. This is drain cleaner and lucky to get one star rating - if I had a zero rating I would use it.

Type: White wine
Supplier: Asda, Morrisons, Ocado
Price when reviewed: 3.50
What the label says: Alcohol Free
Format: Bottle with screwcap

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