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I’ve found the temperature when it’s just too hot outside to drink wine – it’s 34 degrees Centigrade. That’s the temperature that scorched the earth outside WineUncorked HQ in this week’s heatwave. It didn’t break any of the UK’s temperature records, but boy was it hot. So what did I quench my thirst with instead? Cold tap water that had been getting to a steady 5 degrees Centigrade sitting in a jug in the fridge plus the usual number of pots of tea – yes I am that person who drinks hot to cool down.

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But now the temperature’s gone down it’s safe to open the vino. But which one? My choice would be a fridge cool rosé – with the top choice being Asda’s Extra Special Argentinean rosé at £6 getting a maximum 5-star review on wineuncorked.co.uk. A great tasting, and great value, rosé with both fruity freshness and perfumed joy – there’s enough going on to be robust enough to match a traditional roast Sunday lunch (or even at Christmas) as well as summer salads.

For more suggestions on what to drink right now then head over to the wine reviews section of the website or read on further in the newsletter for the choicest wines.

After getting in a mention of Christmas, you won’t mind thinking forward to autumn when the next online wine course with Buckinghamshire Adult Learning starts which I’ll be tutoring. Book now if you want to get ahead. Course starts Tuesday 4 October and is 8-weeks long.

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