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The latest Lidl Wine Tour starts in-store this Thursday 28th July 2022 with all French wines. You’ll be able to buy from a choice of 8 white wines, 16 red, 2 rosé and 3 sparkling from the French winemaking regions of Bordeaux, Champagne, Loire, Languedoc, Rhone, Burgundy and South-West France.

Red wines dominate in this latest French Wine Tour, with rich flavours of plum, blackberry, raisins and spice coming from wines such as the Val de Salis Malbec Reserve (£6.99) and the Madiran Domaine du Crampilh at £5.99.

Madiran is a region in the south-west of France at the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains where red wines are made with the highly tannic Tannat grape variety. The tannins may be too unpleasantly mouth-drying if you don’t really like that sort of full-bodied red wine, but they do contain something else – polyphenols. In 2006 research discovered that these polyphenols were good for human health – in particular our heart health – and this led to the now famous Red Wine Diet advocated by Professor Roger Corder. This meant that for several years afterwards we were all directed to drink tannin-rich red wines and dark chocolate. Madiran wines are still about and you can find another excellent example at Tesco for £7.

If you’re looking for a white wine version of the Madiran then try the Cotes du Rhone Blanc (£5.99) with its flavours of candied peel and peach. But let’s not forget it’s still summer and so lighter more refreshing flavours are still wanted. The Colombard Sauvignon at £4.99 offers reliable refreshing flavours that are good match to almost all summer foods and is great value too.

Of the two rosés in the July French Wine Tour, the Vallee du Sud Languedoc rosé at £6.99 is best for those hot sultry days yet to come (but not a another heatwave!) while the Cremant de Loire rosé also comes with a sparkle.

So there’s lots to choose from but here the pick of the best. recommends

Vallee du Sud Languedoc rosé

£6.99 Lidl

Light and refreshing rosé that’s a great summer stand-by.


Colombard Sauvignon Cotes de Gascogne white

£4.99 Lidl

The blend of the Colombard grape variety with Sauvignon Blanc gives a great result and is both refreshing and tasty. It’s here in the Wine Tour at £4.99 but you’ll also find other examples around at Tesco for £5.25 or The Wine Society in a 3-litre winebox for £28 (equivalent to £7 a bottle).


Cotes du Rhone Blanc

£5.99 Lidl

A richly flavoured white wine that tastes of candied peel and peach.


Val de Salis Malbec Reserve

£6.99 Lidl

Flavours of plum and blackberry. Match to pizza or barbecues.


Madiran Domaine du Crampilh

£5.99 Lidl

Dark fruit and spice flavours plus quite a bit of mouth-drying tannin. A hearty wine.

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