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I'm tutoring a new 8-week online wine appreciation course starting October 4th 2022 tasting wines from around the world where you'll learn more of the fundamentals of wine. This evening class hobby course will allow you the opportunity to sip and learn online and are primarily for Buckinghamshire residents and costs just £116.50.

The wine course is designed as an online class in a glass where anyone with an interest in wine can log on and learn with other wine enthusiasts.

During the online course you’ll taste and discuss wines made from various grape varieties and distinguish wines made in different regions around the world. I'll also show you the professional wine tasting technique and how to describe the flavours and aromas found in the glass.

The October 2022 course also covers how to read a wine label and how it affects what we buy, understanding different quality levels of wine plus finding the right sparkling wine for the festive season.

There's another course starting January 17th 2023 where we'll take a taste of rosés and also enjoy some chocolate along the way. There's also new grape varieties and flavours to discover. Each course can be taken separately or come along to both and learn twice as much!

At the end of each course you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to choose and buy wines you enjoy. This course is for anyone with an interest in wine. No prior knowledge is required.

They'll also be in-depth knowledge of places, grape varieties and wine styles backed up by shared maps and summaries, plus links and wine lists available in the any-time online area of Google Classroom accessible to anyone enrolling.

I started running popular wine tasting courses in 2002 through adult education evening classes and these courses were so popular they were regularly over-subscribed. These online versions will offer the same chance to learn about wine in an informal way but have been specifically designed to use the online Google Meet system so that everyone can see and hear each other through a webcam in real-time and no-one gets left behind. You'll open your wines at home and we'll all have a go at tasting them together - tasting is a key part of learning.

The cost of wine is not covered by the course fee and you will need to purchase the wines to be covered during each class - two wines per evening session for each course - expect to spend between £5.00 and £20.00 a bottle. These will not be specific wines from a specific retailer but wines that can be found in many places and at various prices. A list of suggested wines will be provided along with places to purchase – both online and locally - on booking the course.

For the first session on Tuesday October 4th you'll need to bring along two wines if you can - a white wine from Australia and a red wine from Australia. They can be any grape variety. If you can only get one wine or none at all, then come along anyway!


Wine Appreciation - Choosing Wines Made Easy

with Buckinghamshire Adult Learning

Tuesday 4th October to 29th November 2022

7.00 – 8.30pm (GMT)

8 weeks

Cost £116.50


Wine Appreciation - Getting To Know Grape Varieties 

with Buckinghamshire Adult Learning

Tuesday 17th January to 28th February 2023

7.00 – 8.30pm (GMT)

6 weeks

Cost £87.50

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