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Clive emailed This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a query about German wines and asks are there still any reasonably priced German white wines under £5 a bottle that taste nice?

Clive started enjoying German white wines during the 1980s and found supermarkets stocked wines like Liebfraumilch and Piesporter Michelsburg priced at £2.99 or so. Over the decades bottle prices have increased and it’s now difficult to find tasty wines at under a fiver.

Clive shops mainly at Sainsbury’s and would like to get his wines there as adding them to an existing online grocery order makes life easier.

So what wines are available that won’t strip the wallet or his teeth?

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Sainsbury's isn't actually the top choice for 5-star rated wines at the moment. In the opinion of us here at its wine zenith was during the 1990s when the aisles were stocked with reasonably priced and ultra tasty wines. And while it still sells some reasonable wines, other supermarkets have moved in on the great tasting low-priced value wines – look to Aldi, Co-op and Tesco for better deals.

But Sainsbury’s still stocks four German white wines at around £5 – expect flavours of slightly sweet apple, mandarin and lemon flavours.

Sainsbury’s House Hock £4.50

Sainsbury’s Liebfraumilch Pfalz £4.50

Sainsbury’s Piesporter Michelsburg £5

Sainsbury’s Winemakers’ Selection Riesling £5.25

If you want more exciting wines that have similar flavour to German wines then you should be looking to other countries.

If you want to buy through Sainsbury's try:

PinotPinot Pinot Grigio £5.50 from Moldova with fresh and fruity flavours of peach and lemon

I reviewed the rosé version and it comes out tops with 5-stars:

pinotpinotpinotgrigiopink 01PinotPinot Pinot Grigio Pink 2021 (£5.50, Co-op)

The other choice from Sainsbury's is their House White. Which is actually from South Africa and should give the same sweet-sour flavours you remember from German wines:

Sainsbury’s House Dry White £4.50

If you're prepared to get wine from Tesco then their German Blaumeister Hock at £4 is great - semi-sweet gooseberry flavours. There’s also a Blaumeister Riesling and Blaumeister Liebfraumilch.


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