Smirnoff Hard Seltzer orange and grapefruit review - WineUncorked: Wine Reviews and Tips

Not all hard seltzers are thoroughly unpleasant. This vodka-fruit mix would make a good aperitif with its light mandarin orange flavours and that bicarbonate of soda tang that is the 'hard' bit of the seltzer. The grapefruit element only appears in the aroma, which is a shame as it's quite pleasant. Surprisingly the drink is colourless despite having allusions to orangey-coloured fruits but on closer inspection it is 'orange and grapefruit flavoured'. Hard seltzers it turns out are a hard sell.

Type: Other
Supplier: Tesco, Sainsbury's
Price when reviewed: 1.80
What the label says: Premium vodka mixed with orange and grapefruit flavoured sparkling water
Format: Can
Notes: 250ml can

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