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Wine in cans is predicted to be the next 'big thing' and 2020 saw a spate of canned wine companies setting up. The Canned Wine Co versions are very stylish with colourful artwork on the cans but have only a limited wine range so far. Designed to be an easy choice for a picnic with recycling credentials for the packaging, too often the wine inside a can is a secondary choice. But the Old Vine Garnacha is all chocolate, cherries and cinnamon spice. A nice wine but the price becomes eyebrow raising when compared to the standard 75cl full-sized equivalent - which in this case is £18, which can get you a high-end vino if bought in a glass bottle. Expensive but pretty.

Type: Red wine
Grape variety: Grenache/garnacha
Vintage: 2016
Country: Spain
Supplier: Novel Wines, Canned Wine Co
Price when reviewed: 6.49 for 250ml (equivalent to £19.47 for 75cl)
What the label says: chocolate coated cherries, cassis and vanilla spice
Alcohol %: 14.5
Format: Can
Notes: 250ml can

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