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Morrisons The Best version of this light and fruity red is great value – coming in at just £5.50 a bottle making it less than the average price of a bottle of wine bought in the UK. Nerello Mascalese is mainly grown in Sicily, where its name is derived from the Mascali plain where it grows below the volcano Mount Etna and the black skin of the grape, Nerello, although it is also thought to have been brought to Sicily by the Greeks in the seventh century BC.

The wine’s light raspberry jam and redcurrant flavours have a distinct rose petal addition – more like rose liqueur chocolates or the aromatic sweet flavoured with rose water known as Turkish Delight.

You’ll also find these flavours in top-notch French red Burgundy made with a similar tasting grape, Pinot Noir, although only warm years would ripen the grapes enough to give a similar fruity flavour. Italian Barolo, made with the red grape variety Nebbiolo, can also give similar rose liqueur flavours.

Genetic testing of Nerello Masalese grapes has shown it is in fact a cross between the two Italian grape varieties of Sangiovese (found in the red wine Chianti) and an obscure white grape called Mantonico Bianco, which is another early Greek import. Together they made a very tasty red grape variety that produces a lovely wine that is a match to almost any food.

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Type: Red wine
Grape variety: Other
Vintage: 2019
Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Supplier: Morrisons
Price when reviewed: 5.50
What the label says: spicy raspberry and dried cherry flavours
Alcohol %: 13.5
Format: Bottle with screwcap

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