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Our reviews and star ratings are based on how satisfied we would be if we had bought the wine to enjoy at home. It is a measure of value for money, so a decent wine could still get a low score if it's overpriced.

The ratings are entirely independent and unbiased, and based entirely on what our taste buds tell us.

Our ratings

five stars Outstanding, memorable, well-balanced wines offering interesting flavours, often with considerable complexity and a long, lingering finish. Whatever their price, they offer exceptional value for money.

four stars Very good wines with good balance and flavour, at an attractive price. We think if you buy one of these you'll be pleased with your purchase.

three stars Acceptable wines for the money. Possibly a wine that just doesn't have four or five-star sparkle, but these are good wines dragged down by pretentious pricing.

two stars Disappointing wines, often lacking balance and complexity. You can do better than these without spending any more.

one star  Thankfully rare, one-star wines have little to offer for the money. There are plenty of better options out there.

How we source wines

Many of the wines we taste are supplied to us, free, by producers or retailers. Some we buy ourselves through normal retail outlets, either online or in stores. Sometimes we go to wine industry events where dozens of wines are available to taste.

We don't mention in our review whether the wine is one we've bought with our own money or one we've been given to try because it makes no difference to how we review or rate it. All you want to know is what the wine is like and whether it represents good value for money, and that's what our reviews are all about.

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