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This is the English equivalent of Prosecco in that it has been made with the Charmat method to make sparkling wine. The majority of English fizz is made using another method identical to that used to make Champagne, and often identified as the premium way to make sparkling wine – it is essentially a more expensive and fiddly way of adding bubbles. The Charmat method however is, lets not beat about the bush, an industrial method of making fizz and it’s been used successfully in Italy to make Prosecco and now in Kent to make Harlot Brut Charmat of England. And it’s got many of the English sparkling wine makers backs up because it is seen as diluting the brand of quality English sparkling wine. But never mind them, what does it taste like? Well it’s very pleasant – a slightly sweet apricot edge is balanced with lemon sherbet and lime flavours. There’s also some pear and liquorice too. Which makes it taste a bit like the pear cider Babycham which was the ‘in’ thing to drink in the 1950s and 60s – if you were a woman that is. This sparkling non-wine drink was marketed at the ladies as something they could drink when out socialising without having to drink beer, a very male drink at the time and one of the few other options. So Harlot may be marketing itself as a radical choice but it harks back to an older idea of what to drink. Which doesn’t stop it being tasty, if a little expensive.

Type: Sparkling wine
Grape variety: Bacchus, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
Country: United Kingdom
Special characteristics: Vegetarian, Vegan
Region: Kent
Supplier: The Wine Caverns
Price when reviewed: 15
What the label says: aromas and flavours of English elderflower, pears and ripe apricots
Alcohol %: 12.5
Format: Bottle with natural cork

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