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Have you noticed that professional golfers at the peak of their golfing careers tend to start their own wine brands? After reviewing the Ernie Els wine range and Louis57 wines of golfer Louis Oosthuizen, I wondered if all of the sixteen golfers who have, or have had, their own wines started this need to see their name on the label after wondering what to do with the winings from major golf championships (The Open winner has received a prize in excess of £1m since 2015).

This theory works for 6ft 3in tall Ernie Els (using his nickname of The Big Easy as a way to differentiate his brand's easier drinking wines) starting South African Ernie Els wines in 1999. With a career high at this period (winning the US Open twice in 1994 and 1997, then The Open twice, first in 2002 and then in 2012) the golf wins = golf wine stands.

The wineuncorked golf-wine theory also follows for Els' fellow South African Louis Oosthuizen with his Louis57 wine brand which started in 2009 when he was just 26 years-old. Louis then went on to win The Open in 2010, Masters in 2012, US Open in 2015 and the PGA in 2017.

Who will be next with a golfing wine? Both Ernie Els and Louis Oosthuizen are playing at this year's Open (starting July 15th 2021 at the Royal St. George's golf course at Sandwich in Kent) where newly crowned winner of the US Open, Jon Rahm, may decide to bottle his homeland's Spanish wines - but Rory McIlroy is perhaps a sure fire bet for a wine brand.

McIlroy may not be able to bottle his native Northern Irish wines (there are currently no vineyards in Northern Ireland) but he is known as an avid wine collector, particularly of French Bordeaux and Burgundy along with Californian Napa Valley and Australian Barossa Valley. He could use his winnings (this year's Open winner will receive in excess of $2m) to buy into the Sonoma County McIlroy Cellars winery. Unfortunately the existing owners, who are no relation, may take umbrage.

In other news I will be teaching more Online Wine Appreciation with Buckinghamshire Adult Learning in the autumn. You can enrol now for the 5-week September 21st start date and also the course starting November 9th. Costing just £51, the courses are open primarily to Buckinghamshire residents who want to learn and taste wines with like-minded people – including me!

If you want to know how I got into teaching adult education then go to the About section on wineuncorked.co.uk.

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Latest wine reviews 

Ernie Els Big Easy Cabernet Sauvignon Rose 2020

£12.96 Frontier Fine Wines

three stars


The Big Easy wines are Els’ easier drinking options but even so this rosé has quite a lot of flavour going on – this is not a subtle Provence-style but South African.


Louis57 Double Eagle Chardonnay 2019

£12.93 Sporting Wine Club

three stars


This is not a traditional full-flavoured South African wines but one in a lighter, softer style.


Clos du Gaimont Vouvray 2018 demi-sec

£12.99 Virgin Wines

five stars


This top-rated French Chenin Blanc is wonderfully aromatic and fruitily flavourful.


Campanula Pinot Grigio 2020

£9.99 Laithwaites Wines

three stars


Not Italy but Hungary for this Pinot Grigio. And that makes it both floral and fresh.


Asda Extra Special Chardonnay 2020

£5.50 Asda

five stars


A great Chardonnay at a great price. Balanced flavours of creamy macaroons with lemon drizzle icing with matching melon and bubblegum.


Rick Stein Blanc de Blanc Champagne Brut NV

£33.95, restaurant price £65 Rick Stein Shop

three stars


Fish chef and TV star Rick Stein has some own-label wines at his Padstow restaurant which are now available through his online shop. This ‘white of white’ champagne is made from Chardonnay and tastes nicer than many supermarket champers if slightly more expensive.

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Wine to a tee: golfers with their own wines

The wineuncorked nose has found 11 professional golfers with their own wine brands with 5 others that have gone for a Burton. The best known existing wines are South African Ernie Els’ and those from his fellow countryman Louis Oosthuizen. Greg Norman and Arnold Palmer also make a mention along with extensive wine reviews.


Review: Rick Stein wines

Chef Rick Stein may be famous for his Padstow fish restaurant and many BBC TV cookery-travel series but he also has an online wine shop that stocks 49 wines, four of which are branded as Rick Stein's wines: a Spanish white made with the Verdejo grape variety (£10.95), Spanish red made from Garnacha (£9.95), white Burgundy (French Chardonnay at £19.95) and a Blanc de Blanc Champagne (£33.95).


What’s in a name: English wine, British wine or UK wine?

British wine is made from imported grape juice while English wine is made from grapes grown in England - simple or is it? What used to be an easy to understand distinction has become confused as the term British wine is being increasingly used by wine retailers and wine promoters such as Wines of Great Britain to reflect the new found emphasis on all things British and made in Great Britain. But not so fast.


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