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Asda’s Buy 3 or more wines, Save 20% offer runs from Thursday 23rd June until Sunday 3rd July and is a great opportunity to get in those wines given a top-rating with the WineUncorked 5-star review system.

So what are the top three wines that give you the best buys with the 20% off when buying three or more bottles of wine? recommends

Kylie Minogue Prosecco Rosé

£11 Asda (20% off £8.80)

three stars


Another addition to the singer-actress branded wine range – the rosé Prosecco being added in April 2021. It has the familiar Kylie signature on the bottle label, pink foil capsule, cork and even on the pink metal tie holding down the cork in this pretty sparkling wine. The bottle itself is a mastery of design with heart indents repeated all over. The wine inside has a good level of fizz with the light lemon sherbet and apple flavours coming through.


Trapiche Finca Las Palmas Malbec

£10 Asda (20% off £8)

four stars


This inky black Argentinean Malbec has inviting aromas of dark chocolate, blackcurrants and liquorice. Then the floral violet petals are noticeable followed by a sweeter note of toffee. The taste has all that plus a spicy edge. Great match to lamb with mint sauce.


Wolf Blass Yellow Label Chardonnay

£7 Asda (20% off £5.60)

four stars


This great match to white chocolate treats and main meals like Chinese-style stir fries is a versatile slightly sweet white wine that’s available in most supermarkets. Its light apple and vanilla flavour is easy to like and quaffable. Nothing sophisticated on the flavour here, just simple enjoyable wine.


The offer is available from 23rd June until 3rd July 2022 while stocks last, in stores and online.

Running in stores and online now, all bottles of wine priced at £4.75 or more are included in the offer (over £7 in Wales, Scotland not included). Shoppers will receive 20% off the total cost of all three (or more) bottles.

The deal can be used to ‘mix and match’ or buy three of the same variety. Buying more than three wines means these will be discounted too – with no requirement for bottles to be purchased in multiples of three only.

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