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A wine is a bargain when it represents good value for money. And when that’s one scoring the maximum 5-star review rating (outstanding) or even 4-stars (very good purchase) then you’ll want to get right on down to the supermarket to get some in.

Asda features strongly in this week’s Top Ten Bargains with four of their own-brand Extra Special wines (£7 -£8) while the Tesco is coming in second with a couple of good buys (a Finest and a £12 rosé) and Virgin Wines and Ocado are here too. I’ve also included a whisky in the Top Ten Bargains just because I reviewed it and it’s proving a popular hit on wineuncorked.co.uk/wine-reviews

If you’re prepared to spend a little more then get in a bottle of The King’s Favourite Sauvignon Blanc (£13 - £16) and feel smug that you’ve found a high-class New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in a supermarket wine aisle (although it is found in wine independents like The Vineyard, Belfast).

They’ll be more wine bargains after the Valentine’s Day splurge – so look out for down-in-price sparkling wines and rosés during the latter half of February. Meanwhile Lidl’s Italian Wine Tour is still going (started January 19th) and is an opportunity to stock up on some unusual wines at great prices.

Wineuncorked.co.uk Top Ten Wine Bargains

Asda Extra Special Malbec Merlot 2021

£7 Asda

four stars


A nice wine that won’t please everyone’s tastebuds as it has an earthy note behind the fruity blackcurrant and plum flavours. There’s a touch of raspberry jam too along with some mocha and violet petals. A good blend of two grape varieties at a reasonable price.


Asda Extra Special Pinot Grigio 2020

£7 Asda

four stars


A really nice example of an Italian Pinot Grigio with creamy apple flavours along with a light touch of pear. Aromas of peach add to its quaffability. Tesco’s Finest Pinot Grigio is a rival at the same price of £7 a bottle and a top 5-star rating.


Tesco Finest Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2019

£7 Tesco

four stars


Smooth and fruity red with an extra kick of savouriness – call it umami, beef stock or tar – it is there. There’s also chocolate and blackcurrant to add to the richness. A nice wine.


Asda Extra Special Barossa Chardonnay 2021

£8 Asda

four stars


A nice example of a modern Aussie Chardonnay with its lighter fruity flavours: fresh pear, apple and lemon zest with a creamy edge.


Asda Extra Special Alsace Gewurztraminer 2020

£8 Asda

four stars


What a great price for an up-market Gewurztraminer. If you like the slightly sweet-sour flavours of the ‘spicy’ Traminer then you’ll enjoy this: flavours of marmalade, lemon and honey but it doesn’t taste sweet.


Arbousser Tavel Rosé 2021 Julie Rouffignac

£12 Tesco

four stars


Tavel rosé is hard to find in UK supermarkets. But Tesco has this French classic for £12 – and it’s a great alternative to all those ultra pale slightly sweet rosés. Tavel tastes like a cross between a light red and a rosé – its cherry red colour gives us a clue! Flavours of juicy raspberry and cherry with a clove spiciness. Serve slightly chilled with salmon or Welsh Rarebit (posh cheese on toast!).


Finca Los Principes Rioja 2019 La Canada

£10.99 Virgin Wines

five stars


A traditional looking Rioja with gold braid criss-crossed across the bottle – which you do have to cut off to be able to get at the cork to pull it out. But the wait is worth it. Subtle flavours of toffee and cherry with a little cocoa are made refined with a perfumed aroma of violet sweets. Nice wine.


The King’s Favourite Sauvignon Blanc 2020

£13 Asda, Ocado £16, The Vineyard Belfast £16.99

four stars


A high-class New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with mouth-watering flavours of lemon and sharp apple. It’s not all sharpness though – the peach, passion fruit and nectarine adds a fruity creaminess. Asda has the best price.


Mark West Pinot Noir 2019

£11 Sainsbury’s, £12 Ocado

four stars


A light and soft fruity red with slightly sweet flavours of plum and strawberry along with a light smokiness and treacle for balance. It’s bottle price of over £10 reflects the fact that it comes from California and, like most other wines from this region, this pushes the price up in the UK.


Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky

£15.99 Iceland, The Whisky Exchange £17.95, Fletcher Drinks £20.99

four stars


A good and reliable whisky if you like a bit of the peaty smoky flavours. These aren’t so over-done that other flavours can’t come through (mainly breadiness or uncooked dough), but it’s the aromas that are the most attractive with toffee, brandy snaps and ginger biscuits. It doesn’t taste as sweet as the aromas lead you to expect but it’s still quite a sophisticated dram.

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