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How can I keep the bottle of wine that I've opened to finish later?


You may have some wine left in a bottle and want to keep this for another day. So what's the easiest way to preserve the wine?

The easiest way is to put the stopper back in the bottle - screw on the screwcap or push back in the cork. Corks can be tricky to push back in as once removed they have sprung back from their squashed-in state.

The trick to getting a cork back in the bottle is to turn the cork back up the other way and push in the 'stained' end first. If that doesn't work then you can use a piece of clingfilm secured in place with an elastic band or you may have a special wine saving device which pushes in the neck of the bottle.

After you've done that then keep the bottle somewhere cool. It's flavours will remain stable for about 3-5 days then after that it will start to oxidise but it is still perfectly drinkable but just less tasty.

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