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Allowing your guests to see wine being poured from a glass bottle with a paper label is generally thought of as acceptable but seeing the same wine coming through a plastic tap attached to a cardboard box is not. Even if that box is printed with colourful designs. This is where the winebox cover comes in.

Covering the standard-sized 3-litre or 2.25-litre winebox, its purpose is to provide art or a conversation piece while the wine inside can still be dispensed with ease.

black vinunoEarly designs, like Danish designer Lars Erdmann's VinUno, appeared in 2006 as a response to seeing the 'messy' design of wineboxes thanks to all their different sizes and colours and wanted a way to improve the impression of the wine. And it did. The £71 two-tone shiny stainless steel cover was a classy addition to any Scandinavian dinner table where boxed wines account for up to half of all wine purchases.

Unfortunately it wasn't a success and it disappeared from the market. But fifteen years on the problem remains - just what is the best response to the great cover-up?

screenshot 20210423 154643 chrome 01DIY seems to be the way forward with woodworking wine enthusiasts offering free step-by-step guides, or there's the many small businesses selling object d'art that looks DIY and includes artfully designed winebox covers.

Or there's the plain whacky. Swedish designer AngelicaS steampunk wine dispenser YNo.1 was inspired from a visit to the Swedish railway museum. Unfortunately it's not for sale but you too may have a 'stash of scrap, junk and fleamarket finds' (her words) to craft your own conversation piece that inspires contemplation of the wine inside.


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