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Open to all, these monthly online wine tastings allow anyone with an interest in wine to taste and learn in a practical, fun and informal way with Paula from WineUncorked. You don’t need to have been on a wine tasting or wine course before or have any knowledge of wine.

When? 2nd Thursday of the month. For specific dates see below.

What time? 7pm to 8.15pm (London time)

Where? Online using Google Meet video. A link will be emailed to you before the start. You don't need to download any software or apps as you can take part through your browser.

Why online? Home is where the wine is! Instead of going out in the evening to a village hall or classroom, your sofa is your wine tasting bistro. Plus you don’t have to get a lift home afterwards.

How much? £14 per session per household. You can come along online with family and friends, all from the same computer. Payment is through a secure link.

What's included? Fun tastings and knowledge for anyone with an interest in wine. You don’t need to have been on a wine tasting or wine course before or have any knowledge of wine. All you need is a passion to find out more.

What do I need to bring? You'll need to get the wines as these aren't included in the cost. Suggested wines will be shown in the event description. These aren't from a specific shop but wines of a certain style - I'll explain what words to look for on the wine label. You choose your own wines and choose where to get them from. You can always contact me for extra advice or alternative wines by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What if I can't get the wines suggested? Try and get a similar wine – the same colour and from the same wine region or country. If you aren’t sure if the wine you have is suitable then email me before the event at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. But if you don't have time for that then bring it along anyway.

What else should I bring along? You’ll also need to bring along two wine glasses (of any type), and some white paper for note taking and to aid visualisation. A corkscrew will be required to open wines that use a cork and a cloth to mop up any drips or spills.

How many events can I come to? As many as you want. Each one is a stand-alone event and you’ll come away knowing about more about that bit of wine. Or you can keep coming and build up your knowledge and confidence to help you choose and buy wines you enjoy. If you want to be first to hear of future events then why not sign up for the @WineUncorkedUK free newsletter.

Who can attend? The events are for adults, aged over 18, who have an interest in wine. We're based in the UK but if you live in another country and want to attend these online events that's fine – just remember our starting time is UK time.

What about cancellations and refunds? If an event is cancelled by the host then you will get a full refund of the ticket price.

Who is WineUncorked? I'm Paula Goddard, an experienced wine educator and adult education lecturer who started teaching Wine Appreciation evening classes 20 years ago – I still teach wine courses with Buckinghamshire Adult Learning who have a range of courses for Buckinghamshire residents. I also branched out into writing about wine for newspapers and magazines and started this wine review website, where you'll also find educational articles that explain wine in a simple and straightforward way.

Online tastings coming up

March 2022

Anything but Chardonnay: White wine alternatives
10th March 2022, 7pm GMT London (2pm EST in USA), £14 per household

So you’ve given up drinking white wines labelled ‘Chardonnay’ made with the Chardonnay grape variety – but what can you drink instead that will be just as refreshing and fruity but without the over the top creamy oaky flavour that gave Chardonnay wines a bad name? Let’s look to white wines from sunny South Africa, Spain and Portugal and learn about wine in a fun and informal way.

What wines to get:

  • One bottle of white wine made with the Chenin Blanc grape from South Africa
  • One bottle of white wine from Spain or Portugal made with any type of grape variety or name of wine

April 2022

Easter Special: Matching chocolate and wine
14th April 2022, 7pm BST British Summer Time London (3pm EDT in USA), £14 per household

Finding the right wine to match to chocolate is tricky when there’s so many colours of wine and chocolate. Is it dark red wine with dark chocolate and white wine with all the rest? But where do Smarties and Maltesers fit into this and why does no-one mention Lambrusco? Taste wine and chocolate in a fun and informal way.

What wines to get:

  • One bottle of red wine labelled Jam Shed Shiraz or one bottle of red wine from the country of Chile made with the Cabernet Sauvignon grape
  • One bottle of Lambrusco Rosso, a low alcohol slightly sparkling Italian red wine
  • One bottle of white wine labelled Barefoot Moscato

All of these wines are available at supermarkets

You will also need some chocolate:

  • One bar of your choice of dark chocolate
  • One packet of Smarties
  • One packet of Maltesers

May 2022

English white wine v French white wine: Which tastes better?
12th May 2022, 7pm BST British Summer Time London (3pm EDT in USA), £14 per household

Sparkling Britfizz grabs all the headlines but what about the cheaper everyday stuff that is English white wine. Available in all of our supermarkets, from Aldi to Waitrose and all the others in-between, English white is fun, fresh and fruity – but does it need some help from our store cupboard? Plus does it match up to similar French white wines like Sauvignon Blanc? Let’s find out. Compare and contrast wines in a fun and informal way.

What wines to get:

  • One bottle of English white wine that isn’t a sparkling – it can be of any grape variety or name
  • One bottle of French white wine made with the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety – look on the label for Sauvignon Blanc or Sancerre

You’ll also need:

  • One bottle of elderflower cordial or some sugar dissolved in water

To make the sugar dissolved in water, measure about 3 teaspoons of sugar into a cup and add boiling water. Stir and let it go cold. The amount of sugar and water doesn’t need to be that precise, just dissolve some and bring it along.

June 2022

Cheese and wine matching: Let’s all shout ‘hard cheese!’
9th June 2022, 7pm British Summer Time London (3pm EDT in USA), £14/household

Shouting ‘hard cheese!’ can indicate a lack of sympathy but when it’s actually related to the tasty stuff we like to put in a sandwich then the prospects are looking brighter. Particularly when there’s wine involved. But what sort of wine? Matching cheese with wine may be the classic party combination but too often one flavour sacrifices the other. But help is at hand! You can enjoy both the wine and the cheese equally. So let’s look at hard cheeses first, like Cheddar and Edam, with a choice of two wines and see what works and what doesn’t.

What wines to get:

  • One bottle of white wine labelled Pinot Grigio or one bottle of rosé
  • One bottle, or half bottle, of Ruby Port (all supermarkets sell their own brand at about £7)

You’ll also need:

  • A cheese selection of hard cheeses. Look for individually wrapped cheese selections in nets (like the Ilchester snacking cheese selection available most supermarkets), cheese snack packs, mini cheese portions
  • Optional plain crackers

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