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Aldi's Portuguese White Douro is not only great value at £5.99 it also tastes great too - so much so that it rates the maximum rating of 5 stars on This means it's one of the few outstanding wines that can be enjoyed again and again without getting bored and without having to worry if you'll like it - because you will every time.

The silver and white graduated tinted bottle label makes this wine look like it could easily cost over £10. Futher inspection reveals this is a white wine from the Douro region of Portugal - a region more known for making the fortified wine Port rather than fruity and floral table wines. A screwcap tops off this wine's appeal as it doesn't require any special tools to get at the precious liquid and the top can easily be screwed back on should you want to save any left-overs until tomorrow.

The three grape varieties used to make this wine - Rabigato, Arinto and Viosinho - result in a fruitily juicy mix of flavours with just the right balance of acidity and sweetness. Apple, pear, melon and creamy lemon are enjoyable enough to quaff as an aperitif or as a food-friendly match.

It's the Rabigato grape that adds the perfumed quality to this wine. Alternatively known as Moscatel Bravo, this grape can also add sweetness and be used on its own to make fortified dessert wines where the addition of extra alcohol 'fortifies' and aids the keeping qualities. So look out for Moscatel wine from the Setubal region of Portugal and Spanish Madiera - another fortified wine that uses this grape.

There is just one last reason to like Aldi's Vinteiro - the makers, Duorum Vineyards, are known for their eco-friendly credentials and are finalists in this year's European Natura 2000 Award which recognises high standards of environmental and viticultural practices. You can add your vote to this European Commission competition by going to The winner will be announced on 14 October 2020.

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