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The UK is a nation of knowledgeable wine buffs, according to the Co-op after they asked 2000 people. Which all sounds great news for us at HQ but what did the survey actually tell us?

philip veater mrlmfq yvfq unsplash 01According to the study, the average Brit spends £19 every week on wine (£988 a year). So add in the fact that the average spend on a bottle of wine is almost £6, and it is more than likely to be bought at a supermarket, then we are looking at about three bottles of wine being purchased – and likely to be consumed that week.

Which all sounds rather nice. But hang on, just how many people am I having to share these three bottles with? According to the latest Government statistics, the average number of people in a household these days is 2.4 people. So if everyone in the household likes their vino, that equates to 7.5 glasses per person per week (you get six standard measures of 125ml glasses of wine from each bottle).

alfonso scarpa I Zmz6G6PU unsplashSo one and half glasses of wine per weekday, with the weekend off let's assume – which is all very healthy as we are all being urged to have one or two teetotal days a week.

But those surveyed were prepared to pay up to £11 pounds on just one bottle of wine. It didn't say how often they were prepared to do this, but that's double the average usual spend.

And the £11 is being spent on what? Probably Prosecco (which emerged as being a favourite of 10 percent of the respondents, with bottle prices in the region of £6-£12) or a bottle of rosé (emerging as Brits favourite style of wine at 11 percent).

So are we a nation of 'wine buffs'? Well 88 per cent of the survey reckoned they were and a further 38 percent declared themselves 'extremely knowledgeable' about wine.

It sounds like we are all in there somewhere doesn't it? recommends the following wines for wine buffs 

Patto Pinot Grigio 2019

£10.99 Virgin Wines

four stars


Fruity, refreshing with creamy lemon acidity. A nice Sicilian Pinot Grigio


Co-op Irresistible 30 Degree Pinot Noir 2020

£6 Co-op

five stars


Not all great wines have to cost £11. This one from the Co-op will give you £5 leftover. Aromas of lavender soap and intense raspberry. Fresh and fruity with cherry and chocolate flavours. What a great wine.


Pizzolota Organic Prosecco Brut 2019

£10 Co-op

three stars


Flavours of creamy pear, apple, melon and pineapple but subtle and balanced. 


Tesco Finest Pinot Grigio Blush 2020

£6 Tesco

four stars


Aromas of pear and hazelnut tart with a added bubblegum sweetness are matched on the flavour with a dash of redcurrant. A flavourful Pinot Grigio.


Cuvee Jolie Terre de Providence rosé 2019



£10.99 Majestic

three stars


This French Languedoc rosé from the Coteaux de Beziers is unusual with its dark pink colour while the rest of the rosé world looks to ultra-light coloured Provence styles. 

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