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At just 7% alcohol, this pale red coloured rosé is a mix of low alcohol and high levels of sweetness. But the result is a lovely balanced mix of sweet-sour flavours that don't overwhelm the tastebuds - mandarin orange flavours are there along with lemon drops (those sweets covered in sugar crystals) and a lovely floral perfume that is reminiscent of lavender. Oh, and the wine comes from Moldova.

Moldova, the small ex-USSR state, may be only one third the size of England but produces twenty-five times as much wine on an area of vineyards five hundred times larger. This massive level of wine production is mostly due to the Soviet-era influence when large areas of grape vines were planted with most of the resulting wines then being exported to Russia. But this all stopped in 2006 when a political dispute banned all Moldovan wine imports. Still ongoing, this ban has led to to a hunt for new wine export markets. One of these being the UK.

Aldi isn't the only retailer stocking wines from Moldova - Laithwaites has a choice of fourteen, while the specialist stocks sixteen.

The £4.99 Aldi rosé is made with the Muscat grape variety, which produces sweet and fragrant wines. But there are other grape varieties being grown in Moldova. Most of these are well-known white grape varieties like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling but there are also local grape varieties such as Fetească Albă (a white grape made into sparkling wine) and Busuioacă albă, a local Muscat type grape that also makes sweet wines.

For wine geeks Moldova holds a place in their hearts for having the largest wine cellar in the world. Mileștii Mici has 200km of underground cellars which you can tour by car for 10Euros while marvelling at its Guinness World Record amount of 1.5 million bottles of wine.

Aldi Moscato Rosé 2020

£4.99 Aldi

five stars


A lovely low alcohol sweet rosé with mandarin orange flavours. The 7% alcohol is a result of a deliberate stopped fermentation, meaning not all the yeast turned the sugar in the grape juice into alcohol. This leaves a sweetness in the resulting wine which isn't overwhelming as it's balanced with lemon drop flavours (those sweets covered in sugar crystals) and a lovely floral perfume that is reminiscent of lavender. And it comes in an eye-catching pretty embossed glass bottle too. Drink cool as an aperitif or with squares of your favourite chocolate.

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