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February 2023 WineUncorked Newsletter

A wine is a bargain when it represents good value for money. And when that’s one scoring the maximum 5-star review rating (outstanding) or even 4-stars (very good purchase) then you’ll want to get right on down to the supermarket to get some in.

five stars

Asda features strongly in this week’s Top Ten Bargains with four of their own-brand Extra Special wines (£7 -£8) while the Tesco is coming in second with a couple of good buys (a Finest and a £12 rosé) and Virgin Wines and Ocado are here too. I’ve also included a whisky in the Top Ten Bargains just because I reviewed it and it’s proving a popular hit on wineuncorked.co.uk/wine-reviews

If you’re prepared to spend a little more then get in a bottle of The King’s Favourite Sauvignon Blanc (£13 - £16) and feel smug that you’ve found a high-class New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in a supermarket wine aisle (although it is found in wine independents like The Vineyard, Belfast).

They’ll be more wine bargains after the Valentine’s Day splurge – so look out for down-in-price sparkling wines and rosés during the latter half of February. Meanwhile Lidl’s Italian Wine Tour is still going (started January 19th) and is an opportunity to stock up on some unusual wines at great prices.

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