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An old, black, French grape. Its full name is Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc. Commonly grown in Beaujolais and the Loire Valley.


Wine with a tangy flavour reminiscent of wild fowl or rabbit meat.


One of the tiny Bordeaux wine producers of the late 20th century who made wines in modern styles.


Portuguese term for a high-quality red or white wine.


French term for the herbs which grow on limestone slopes in the south of the country, like rosemary and thyme.


A German community that makes wine.

Geographical Indication

Wines from specified geographical regions.


Red-skinned grape used to make aromatic white wines.


Alcoholic drink flavoured with Juniper berries and other botanicals.


Compound producing during the fermtation process which creates a full, rich mouth feel and is responsible for the legs on a wine glass.


A large wine bottle with a capacity of 27 litres, the equivalent of 36 normal bottles.


Hungarian term for an oak cask using the aging of Tokaji wine.


Australian term for cheap wine sold in a box.


Marrying the top part of a grape vine to a root stock of a different variety.

Grains nobles

French term for wine made from botrytis-affected grapes.

Grande Marque

French term for a well-known wine brand, particularly one of the large Champagne brands.

Grand Cru

French term for wine from the best terroirs.

Grand Vin

French term for an estate's best wine.

Granite soil

Granite soils are alkaline, so reduce acidity in wine. 

Gran Reserva

Spanish term for high quality wines matured for at least four years.


Spanish term for a sparkling wine made by secondary fermentation in a tank rather than in the bottle.

Gravity cellar

Method of moving wine during production using gravity rather than mechanical pumps.


Wines made from unripe grapes.

Green harvest

Picking unripe grapes to improve the quality of the grapes remaining on the vine.


Red wine grape which makes fruity, spicy wines. Also known as Garnacha.


Wine tasting term referring to wines with strong tannins.

Grosses Gewächs

Dry German wine from a top vineyard.


German term for a group of vineyards.


Bordeaux wine rankings - the chateaux of the First Growth are considered the best. 

Grüner Veltliner

A white wine grape, the most commonly grown grape in Austria.

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