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Wines matured in oak barrels, often described as having flavours of vanilla, coconut or almond. 


The science of wine and winemaking.


A wine enthusiast.


Off flavours are unpleasant characteristics of the wine, for example sulphurous or vinegary flavours. These can arise in the fermentation, maturation or storage of the wine.

Off trade

Wine shops and off licences, which sell wine for consumers to drink "off the premises".


French word for powdery mildew, a fungal disease which can attack grape vines.

Old vines

Established grape vines produce less fruit, but often of a higher quality.

Old World

The wine producing areas of Europe such as France, Italy and Germany.

One trick pony

Term used at WineUncorked HQ for a simple wine with one dominant flavour. Generally not a recommendation.

On trade

Bars and restaurants which sell wine for consumption "on the premises".


Wines are said to be open when their flavours are readily apparent. Can indicate that a wine has matured to the point where it is ready to drink.

Open Top Fermenter

A fermentation vessel which, as the name suggests, is open at the top. This allows more oxygen into the wine in the early stages of fermentation, supporting the growth of yeast. The open top also allows the heat generated during fermentation to escape, ensuring the fermenting mixture does not get too hot.

Optical sorting

Mechanical method of removing unripe or overripe grapes and detritus from the grape harvest, using optical scanning methods.

Orange wine

A white wine where the skins and seeds of the white grapes are left in contact with the wine during fermentation. The resulting wine has an orange tinge.


Production of grapes without using chemical pesticides and fertilizers.


Affecting the sensory organs. A head cold, for example, or a dominant aroma in the room where a wine is being tasted.


Opinions vary on what constitutes "ripe" or "overripe". For us overripe means the wine tastes like it was made from fruit passed its peak, giving prune and raisin flavours. This is not necessarily a bad thing.


Affected by oxygen. Wines which are oxidised tend to pick up a brown tinge to their colour, and lose aroma and flavour, eventually turning into vinegar.


Extraction is the process of getting flavour and colour out of the grape flesh and skin. Winemakers have a variety of techniques to extract flavour from the grapes. Over-extracted wines can be dark, heavy and tannic.

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