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Waiter's friend

A corkscrew also incorporating a small folding knife for cutting the capsule. Also known as a sommelier knife.


The "weight" of a wine is determined by the amount of alcohol present, but a wine with a strong concentration of flavour could also feel "weighty".


A German rosé wine made from a single grape variety and to at least Qualitätswein quality. Sometimes written Weißherbst.

Whole bunch vinification

Winemaking technique where whole bunches of grapes are fermented, rather than the grapes being destemmed.

Wild yeast

Yeast which occurs naturally on the grapes.

Wine cave

Underground wine storage area - a large wine cellar.


German for a winemaking cooperative.


A tasting term which can refer to oaky characteristics, such as flavours of vanilla, nuts and coffee, or can mean the wine has hints of cedar, sandalwood or sawdust in its character.

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