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Red wine grape from the Piedmont region of Italy.


A large wine bottle with a capacity of 15 litres, equivalent to 20 standard bottles.


A wine merchant who buys grapes, must or wines, makes or blends wine and sells on to wholesalers, exporters and retailers.

Nervous, nervy

Fresh-flavoured wines with high acidity. Sometimes described as racy.

New oak

Oak barrels which have not been previously used.

New World

Winemaking areas outside Europe, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

Noble Rot

Botrytis, a fungal disease which affects grapes, though in a potentially beneficial way. Wines made from Botrytis-affected grapes have concentrated, sweet flavours.


French for unfiltered.


The aroma of a wine. A wine with "violets on the nose" smells like violets.


Tasting qualities, for example a wine with "citrus notes" has aromas and flavours of citrus fruit.


A term for oxidised wines, but can also apply to wines which actually do have nut-like flavours.

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